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Eminent Speaker

Maria Cristina Ferreira Buta Michel

Specialized Pediatric Dentist

ABOFM – Associação Brasileira de Ortopedia Funcional



Maria Cristina Ferreira Buta Michel, I have been working with young children since I graduated in Dental school, 1989. I specialized in Pediatric Dentistry in 1996, then in Functional Jaws Orthopedic, Orthodontics and, currently, Temporomandibular Disorders. Working with children is a challenge, as this period is essential for establishing the correct relationship between the bone bases of the craniofacial complex, which is growing and developing. Currently, besides working in my private practice, I am also developing a project to care for vulnerable young children. By better relating the bone bases between the maxilla and mandible, we also have the opportunity to improve the upper air space, which directly influences the quality of sleep and behavior of these children.

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