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Guy Rubinstein

Haifa University



Guy Rubinstein - MMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel
03.2016 – today: Director of Aquaculture Division in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.
2008 – 03.2016: Head of research station
• Responsible of the Aquaculture Division research stations who engaged in the research fields of fish nutrition, fish health, technological aquaculture developments, and the grow-out in freshwater intensive systems & extensive ponds.
• Specializes in leading projects in aquaculture/environment interactions
• Responsible of the lakes stock enhancement project in Israel
• Partner for policy to promote aquaculture sector in Israel
2004 – 2008: Sea crew manager for "SUBflex" – innovative company producing open ocean single point mooring SUBmersible & flexible technology for open ocean aquaculture.
• Partner in the development of innovative in a unique breakthrough technology, developing offshore aquaculture systems & responsible of the grow-out cycles of Sea- Bream growing from fingerlings to marketing.
M.A with honors, Haifa University, Israel
The Department of Maritime Civilizations, 2014, including thesis on:
Development of a marking method for Sarotherodon galilaeus fingerlings for future mark-recapture surveys in Lake Kinneret, Biological and economic aspects.
B.S.C, The Ruppin Academic Center, Israel.
Marine & Ocean Science Environment, 2004

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