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About Oncology Congress 2024


We are happy to announce our 3rd International Conference on Cancer and Oncology Research on November 11–12, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain, organised in coordination with generous support and cooperation from passionate academicians and organising committee members with the theme “Raising Wings to Promote Cancer Free World". We are honoured to extend a warm invitation to all of the top delegates, scientists, researchers, scholars, professors, and medical professionals to participate in this strategy in order to observe various scientific discussions and bestow upcoming advancements in the field of cancer. This is to find out how research advances contribute to medical health and human society. And how to overcome the cancer. The Oncology Congress 2024 aims to inform society about the most recent developments and research findings in the field of cancer. This conference will emphasise the research and its impact on outcomes through oral demonstration and presentation.

Why Choose us

  • Develop Network for Better Development
  • Connect, Share and Learn
  • Present your Ideas and Work
  • Gain New Collaborations with attendees from different countries from whole over the world
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Learn Beyond your Field or Interest
  • Increase your Scope of Knowledge with Competitive Advantage
  • Real networking

Who can attend?

  • Oncologists

  • Cancer Surgeons

  • Oncology associations and societies

  • Radiotherapists

  • Head and neck surgeons

  • Medical and surgical oncologists

  • Professors

  • Researchers and scientists

  • Immunologist

  • Pathologist

  • Medicine experts

  • Students

  • Doctors

  • Directors

  • Physicians

  • Chemotherapists

  • Business Professionals

  • Medical colleges and universities

  • Research scholars

Top Reasons to Attend

Bestowing our organisation’s work on a global stage:

As a speaker, you will be presenting to a room full of senior, eminent experts in different sectors of research from all over the world. Your expertise and knowledge will be showcased to key players in the field of medical sciences and will be a unique platform to increase your reputation within the sector.

New Places, New People:

Each time, the conference will be held at a different place with different people as presenters, which will facilitate building relationships and exploring new places.

Learn from other speakers:

As a speaker, you will be provided with free access to two days of the conference and associated workshops and will be given the chance to hear from other senior representatives from the segment and consider problems and solutions in the field of medical science with our numerous Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

Presenting a Workshop:

By presenting and participating in the workshops, you will be presented with the perfect forum for an in-depth conversation and debate on a key issue. These sessions can vary in format, from case-study-led debate with interactive breakout sessions to a presentation-based discussion group on a topic that may want a particular in-depth focus.

Real Networking:

Collaboration and having face-to-face meetings with experts from different fields at different conferences in different countries every year provides a chance for real networking and discussing the latest upcoming challenges, technologies, and research in different aspects of science.


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