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Emilia Visileanu

Scientific Researcher

The National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather



Emilia Visileanu is a scientific researcher with her first degree and a PhD in sciences since 1996. During 1997-2011 General Manager of INCDTP Bucharest. The research activity focused on topics of more than 100 national and international projects (FP V, FP VI, FP VII, EUREKA, MANU NET, ERASMUS + etc.) both as project manager and member in the inter and transdisciplinary teams. Expertise in smart textiles materials obtained by classical and unconventional (electrospinning) technologies, technologies for functionalization textile materials with NP and studies on the influence of NPS on human health, textile medical devices (bandages, 3D textile structures for hernias and eventration, composite structures for healing burns etc.).The research activity was disseminated by the publishing of over 100 scientific papers in journals and proceedings volumes indexed by ISI/BDI, books and chapters of specialized books and 27 patents

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