International Conference on

Materials Science & Engineering (SCOPUS indexed)

March 27-28, 2023
Millennium Hotel Paris Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France
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Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotube is a tube made of carbon with diameters usually measured in nanometres. Single-wall carbon nanotubes are one of the allotropes of carbon that acts as a midway between fullerene cages and flat graphene with diameters in the range of a nanometre. Multi-wall carbon nanotubes  consists  of nested single-wall carbon nanotubes that are  weakly bound together by vander Waals interactions in a tree ring-like structure. If they are not same, these tubes are mostly similar to Oberlin, Endo, and Koyama's long straight and parallel carbon layers .These  are cylindrically organized around a hollow tube. Multi-wall carbon nanotubes are sometimes referred to double- and triple-wall carbon nanotubes.

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