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Xuanhui Qu

Professor and Former Dean

University of Science and Technology Beijing



Qu Xuanhui, born in 1960, Doctor of Engineering (Central South University),Jie Qing, Dean of the Institute of New Materials Technology, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor.He studied at UBC in Canada (1986~1988) , and served as Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering (2004-2014).Main academic part-time job: executive director of China Materials Research Society, chairman of China Metal Society Powder Metallurgy Branch, editor of Powder Metallurgy Technology, deputy editor of Powder Metallurgy Industry, and more than 10 magazine editors such as SciPowder Metall, Acta Metall Sinica, Rare Metals and Frontiers of Mater.He has published more than 320 SCI papers, published 5 books, and has obtained more than 90 patents. He has won 1 first prize for national teaching achievements, 1 second prize for national scientific and technological progress, 8 first prize and 10 second prizes for provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements award; he also won the "China Youth Science and Technology Award", "National Excellent Science and Technology Workers", "Beijing Excellent Teacher", "Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award" and other honors.

Research direction:

Advanced powder metallurgy forming technology such as powder injection molding, high-speed press forming, 3d printing, and special powder preparation and synthesis technology, high-performance electronic packaging materials, high-iron brake materials, iron-based powder metallurgy materials and products, powder superalloys, high-speed steel, high nitrogen stainless steel, titanium alloy, refractory metal and alloy, hard alloy, dispersion strengthened material, material science data and material genetic engineering.

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