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Eminent Speaker

Parvatam Siva Prasad

Senior chemical consultant

IITM, India



Siva  was awarded PhD degree in Chemistry from IITM, India in 1979 specializing in Electrochemistry . Having over 45 years of global chemical industrial research experience. Worked in a span of industries including  petrochemical,  polymer coatings including specialty UV curable coatings, polymer  recycling, chemical recycling, Geopolymer concrete, specialty chemical formulations. Having several proven technologies to credit supported by several international publications, patents, and presentations in conferences. Gave several invited lectures in national and international conferences as key note speaker. Working on EV battery development and recycling for the last six years and currently focusing on development of solid state metal – air EV batteries for applications in domestic electric aircrafts, heavy trucks, flying cars, and all other consumer energy needs  in view of their 100% recyclability, safety, sustainability, low cost and environment friendly materials. Presently  working as  Independent Senior Chemical Consultant  to various process industries, eco friendly and  EV battery  industries in  India and based at Chennai.

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