European Congress on

Chemistry and Applied Sciences (SCOPUS)

March 20-21, 2023
Belstay Roma Aurelia, Rome, Italy
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Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

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Physical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry

Material Science


Chemical Engineering

Green Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer chemistry is a sub discipline of chemistry. Polymer chemistry mainly focus on the chemical synthesis, structure, and chemical properties and physical properties of polymers and macro molecules. Organic polymers play an important role in the livings. This is providing basic structure of materials and letting us know the vital life process. A polymer structure is present in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. 

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Industrial Chemistry

Natural Products and Peptide Chemistry

Marine & Petro chemistry



Catalysis means modification of rate of a chemical reaction, usually acceleration by the addition of a substance not consumed during the reaction. Catalysis is leads to faster more energy- efficient chemical reactions. Catalysis is direct  reaction to increase the amount of desired product and also reduce the unwanted by products.

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Applied Chemistry



Metallurgy is a science. The metals are form their ores. involving the studies  in the reactivity of metals and chiefly concerned with the reduction  and oxidation.
Metallurgy mainly involved through following Process

  • Extraction  of ore 
  • Crushing and grinding of ore
  • Concentration or enrichment of ore 
  • Extraction of metal from concentrated ore

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Geochemistry is a science that is uses the tools and principles of the chemistry to explain the mechanism behind major geographical systems such as the earth crusts and oceans. Geochemistry is a brunch of earth science that is applies to chemical principles to deepen an understanding of the earth system and system of other planets.  Composed geochemists earth is discreet sphere- rocks, fluids, gases and biology that exchange matter and energy over a range of time scales. 

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Food chemistry

Food chemistry

Food Chemistry is also branch of Chemistry. That is deals with the Chemistry behind the biochemical nature of the food, their properties and how they are processed in the body. Food Chemistry is involves the study of chemical components from protein to carbohydrates and more. In food Chemistry we learn how different processing techniques affect a certain type of food and also ways to enhance the quality of food and Study of chemical process and interactions of all biological and non-biological components of foods. 

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