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Eminent Speaker

Horng-Yi Chang


National Taiwan Ocean University



Horng-Yi Chang has experienced as a department Manager in EMTAC Technology Corp. (Hsinchu Science Park) and a principal researcher in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan. Now, he is a professor of the Department of Marine Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan. Professor Chang is also the director of Taiwan Association for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell (THEFC), director of the China Marine Institute and alternate director of the Taiwan Ceramic Society.In the past years, Professor Chang engaged in studying piezoelectric materials, microwave sintering and microwave dielectric materials, core-shell structural materials and laser annealing process as well as nano-particles treatment. Recently, his research concentrates on energy materials about solid oxide fuel cells/solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOFC/SOEC), photosensitive solar cells and luminescent energy conversion by use of chemical processes such as hydro/solvothermal, sol-gel, core-shell, precipitation and microwave techniques to synthesize, improve and enhance those materials’ properties for industrial applications

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