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Gonzalo Leyton Galleguillos

University of Chile



Gonzalo Leyton Galleguillos

I’m economist and MSc in economics.

I’m adjunct professor of health economics at the School of Public Health - University of Chile.

I work at the Superintendence of Health of Chile.

I participated as technical counterpart in the last five Health System Reform projects. In 2019 I was called by the Minister of Health to the technical team of the Reform.

I’m in charge of the whole calculation process of the Risk Equalization Fund (REF). I was economic advisor to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy.

I was focal point for health indicators for the Ibero-American Social Security Organization. I was invited by Roche Chile to participate in the Alzheimer's Disease Workshop “patient journey”.

 In 2021 I co-authored the book "Proposal for a REF for Chile: Model and Results in the Private Health Care System".

In 2023 I published two papers: "COVID-19 pandemic and mental healthcare: Impact on health insurance with guaranteed universal access in Chile", available at Frontiers, and "Evaluation of Mental Health Law 21.331 in Chile - Financial Coverage and Sick Leaves in Isapre", available at Superintendence of Health’s web page.

Interested areas: mental health, financing systems, REF, evaluation of public policies in health

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