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GECO - Global Engineering Constructions s.r.l. - the company is developing an innovative project called SEWAT - Sustainable Energy by Waves Trap to produce sustainable energy and green hydrogen by subtracting energy from the erosive action of the waves. In this way the coast is also protected from erosion.

The idea is very simple but brilliant. No risk, dangerous implications, and no CO2 production. The system consists of modular concrete tanks, placed in the sea, partly submerged, placed alongside dams and breakwater barriers exposed to wave motion or distant, parallel to the coastline, at a certain distance to protect the coast itself. The function of the wall of the tub exposed to wave action is to catch the waves. It is equipped to allow waves to enter and to prevent their exit. The accumulated water produces energy during the transfer into the calm sea in the shelter of the tank itself.

The use of antifouling substances or polluting or dangerous substances is not necessary. The electricity produced can be used to produce hydrogen and then managed with consolidated technologies.

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