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Yusu Ni

Chief physician

Eye & ENT Hospital Otologic Center



Dr. Yusu Ni is the Deputy Director of Otomicrosurgery, Eye & ENT Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. He is specialized in microsurgery for treating otologic and lateral skull base diseases, such as surgery for otitis media, middle ear and petrous apex cholesteatoma, traumatic and other peripheral facial paralysis, benign and malignant tumors of external auditory canal and middle ear; resection of acoustic neuroma by trans-labyrinthine and retro-labyrinthine approaches; minimally invasive surgery for Meniere's disease; minimally invasive surgical treatment of pulsatile tinnitus. He has rich experience in the treatment other diseases, such as otogenic vertigo, deafness, tinnitus, etc. Dr. Ni's main research interests include: Digital otomicroscopy of lateral skull base surgery related to 3D spatial localization research; Regeneration of facial nerve; Biomaterial silk fibroin related tissue engineering; Basic research on hearing function protection.

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