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WenQing Yang

Founder/Chief Scientific Officer, ClinBridge Biotech Corp



Dr. WenQing Yang gained a Ph.D. degree on Cell Biology and finished Post-Doctoral training in Cancer Biology at University of Calgary, Canada. He has ~30 years of translational and innovative drug development experience on cancer and inflammatory diseases from a range of leading academic institutions or pharmaceutical organizations, including Celgene, Amgen, Crown Biosciences, UCLA, Kosan Biosciences, ImaginAb Inc and Simcere Pharma Group. As a translational scientist and leader in the field, he led or crucially contributed to drug discovery programs involving >20 novel targets in the areas of gene therapy, epigenetics, targeted therapy and I/O, which led to 15 INDs or Phase-II/III development. He held several management positions in the biotech industry including Executive Director, Cancer Biology, Global Scientific Research Innovation Organization, Senior Director of Cancer Pharmacology, Crown Biosciences, Head of Pharmacology at ImaginAb Inc. and Head of Translational Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine and Innovative Drug Development, Simcere Pharma Group. Dr. Yang’s expertise focuses on translational medicine and translational research in cancer and inflammatory diseases using innovative drug candidates including small molecules, biologics, nanoparticles or polymeric micelles. His long-term research and effort have resulted in >100 publications in peer-reviewed Journals or top international conferences in the field including J Natl Cancer Inst, Cancer Res, Clin Cancer Res, Gene Therapy, Front Onc and Front Pharm, etc. Dr. Yang serves as an editorial board member or reviewer/editor for several international scientific journals including Front Imm, Front Onc, Cancer Res J, Cancer Res Cell Ther, J Onco Res Ther, and Int J Mol Onc.

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