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Generoso Silvina Marcela

University in Santiago del Estero



Academic Degrees

  • 1988- Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical. National University of Tucumán (UNT), Argentina
  • 2005-PhD., UNSE, Santiago del Estero. Argentina

Professional Position

  • Professor at the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE), Santiago del Estero, Argentina
  • Researcher of the Institute of Food Science y Technology of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agroindustries, UNSE. Santiago del Estero, Argentina
  • Researcher at the Science and Technical Research Council - (CICyT)
  • Director of the area of Food Science Department
  • Commission Member of evaluation for the accreditation of Food Engineer (CONEAU)

Publications with international and national evaluation: 38

Participation in Scientific National Meetings: 70 presentations.

International Meetings: 35 presentations

Research Interests: Development of high nutritional quality foods, use of novel ingredients and shelf life and sensory evaluation of food.

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