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Alessandro Attanzio

University of Palermo



·       Researcher in Biochemistry 
·       PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
·       Degree in Biomedicine 
·       Patent Inventor - Purification procedure of “manna impura” to obtain enriched and marketable “manna”.
·       Guest Editor for several international scientific journals.
·       Guest lecturer at the University of Valencia.
·       Author of 69 publications in international journals.
·       Scopus page https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=55312200300
·       The research topics concern: Research on synthetic or natural molecules with potential anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antieryptotic activity.
·       Interests: Biochemistry and methodologies; Sicilian foods; bioactive compounds; bioactivity; cell culture; chemoprevention; oxidative stress; inflammation; eryptosis; apoptosis.
·       Theophrastos Prize from the International Pro-Mediterranean Herbarium Foundation 2017 for biochemical studies on organic molecules with nutraceutical effects extracted from Mediterranean plants.

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