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Mateusz Bilski

Radiation Oncologist

Medical University of Lublin



Mateusz Bilski is a specialist in the field of radiation oncology. Deputy Head of the Brachytherapy Department  in Lublin Cancer Center, Poland. He is also employed as an assistant at the Radiotherapy Department of Lublin Cancer Center and Department of Radiotherapy of Medical University of Lublin. Experienced in conducting scientific research. He is the principal investigator in the multicenter PROSPETMR 2021 study on the use of PET/MR diagnostics with PSMA in patients with prostate cancer. In 2021, he was a side investigator in the BO42533 SkyScraper09 trial for head and neck cancer patients.His work so far has resulted in the authorship and co-authorship of twenty articles in journals such as: Cancers, Central European Journal of Immunology, European Journal of Gynecological Oncology, Oncology and Radiotherapy. He has also authored and co-authored two chapters in books on, among others, "The use of radiotherapy in the treatment of non-cancerous movement activities" In: Oncoreumatology: contemporary challenges. In addition, he is the author/co-author of twenty-six reports during congress conferences. He is also the winner of 1st prizes for oral presentation entitled "Absolute effect of radiotherapy - In pursuit of the unknown". The work was presented at the international congress RAD2018: Sixth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Different Fields of Research in Macedonia in 2018.He has an open doctoral dissertation titled "Expression of miR-200 family members as a predictor of survival of patients with WHO G2 and WHO G3 brain gliomas”.  His main research interests include topics related to central nervous system cancers and genitourinary cancers.

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