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Keynote Speaker

Igor Goryanin


University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom


Prof Igor Goryanin is a Henrik Kacser Chair in Systems Biology (2005-present) in the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, and its Applications Institute. He co-founded the Centre for Systems Biology, where he was a co-director (2006–2010), and Edinburgh Centre for Bioinformatics, where he was a director (2005–2010).Before, he joined GlaxoSmithKline in 1997, where was working on application of modelling and informatics projects for the pharmaceutical R&D and drugs manufacturing.He is leading Biological Systems Unit (BSU) (2010-present) as an adjunct Professor at Okinawa Institute Science and Technology (OIST) .He has multy-year experience in innovations and commercialisation managing innovation funds (2010-2014) and founded several companies.To analyse meta-omics data the BSU developed and successfully applied ASAR DB software which currently applied for new drug target identification.Recently, he become involved in Microwave Radiometry programme where he has published >25 papers during last 5 years. 

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