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Eminent Speaker

Carolina Blagojevic Castro

Assistant Researcher

Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation



Carolina Blagojevic Castro, BSc is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Healthy Ageing, Health Futures Institute, Murdoch University and is part of the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation working on the role of diet in dementia prevention. Dr Blagojevic Castro earned her nutrition and dietetics degree from the State of Bahia University and completed coursework master's in Functional Clinical Nutrition at Cruzeiro do Sul University. Currently, Dr Blagojevic Castro is also doing post-graduation in Neurological Diseases at Philadelphia University. She has focused on and provided nutritional care for neurological patients for several years, specifically those with multiple sclerosis and has written numerous articles for a medical website correlating nutritional aspects and neurological conditions.

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