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Polymers & Biopolymers

A Polymer is a long chain molecule which is made up of many repeating units called monomers.  For example, they exist in plastics such as bottles, toys, vinyl siding, and packaging, and are also present in cosmetics, shampoos and other hair care products, contact lenses. These are also available naturally such as crab shells, amber, food like proteins, starches, gelatin, gum, gluten, fabric, balls, sneakers, and also in our DNA. It is a composition of very large molecules called macromolecules. These naturally occurred macromolecules are called Biopolymers. These are made up of repeating subunits. This omnipresent family of polymers possesses a huge variety of structural compositions and material properties. Biopolymers like nucleic acid materials such as DNA and RNA are composed of repeated nucleotide subunits.

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