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Metallurgy is one of the part  of materials science and engineering. It is a study of the physical and chemical behavior of metals. This involves metallic elements, their compounds and their alloys. It is a process of extracting metals in to pure form. The metal compounds are mixed with some constituents like soil, limestone, sand, and rocks are known as minerals. At low cost, the metals are extracted from minerals with minimum effort. These minerals are also known as ores. A substance is added to eliminate the impurities is called as flux. It deals with the process of purification of metals and formation of alloys.
Main branches are:

  • Physical metallurgy
  •  Extractive metallurgy
  •  Mineral processing

Types of metallurgy processes:

  •  Extractive metallurgy.
  •  Pyrometallurgy 
  • Hydrometallurgy

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