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Materials Science & Engineering (SCOPUS indexed)

March 27-28, 2023
Paris, France
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Composite, Coating and Ceramic Materials

Ceramic material is neither metallic nor organic. It may be in crystalline, glassy, or both crystalline and glassy structures. Ceramic is usually complex material and chemically non-reactive. It can be moulded or densified with heat. Ceramic materials are also used in electronics. Because, depending on their arrangement, they may act as semiconductors, superconductors, ferroelectrics, or an insulator. Ceramic coatings are considered as unique coatings on metal which can improve the surface properties of metal materials including anti-fouling, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oil or water separation and biocompatibility. A Composite material is a combination of two materials that include different physical and chemical properties. When composing materials are combined, they create a material that is focused to do a certain job, for example, to become stronger, lighter, or resistant to electricity. These materials can also improve strength and stiffness.

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