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S. Joseph Antony

Associate Professor

University of Leeds



Joseph Antony is an Associate Professor at the School of Chemical and ProcessEngineering, University of Leeds, U.K. His research expertise is in the area multi-scale modelling and experimental mechanics of materials in both discrete and continuum form. He has a strong expertise in materials modelling including MD, DEM, FEM and analytical methods. His experimental approaches include a wide variety of advanced characterisingand stress sensor techniques including photonics (PSA), AFM, SEM, PSAT and IRtomography, and DPIV. He focuses on linking the effects of material properties atexceedingly small scales (molecular/nano/micro) to bulk scale mechanical, electrical and chemo-mechanical properties in a wide variety of engineering applications. Joseph has published over 150 papers in several reputed international journals and conference proceedings. He actively participates in the activities of particle technology community in U.K and abroad. He holds membership in several international professional bodies and serves inthe technical committees in his area of research including the ASME committee on the constitutive behaviour of materials.

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