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Vaccines and Vaccination


Vaccines are biological preparations that stimulate the immune system to recognize and mount a defense against specific pathogens, such as bacteria or viruses. They typically consist of weakened or inactivated forms of the infectious agent, fragments of the pathogen, or synthetic substances that mimic the pathogen. The purpose of vaccines is to prime the immune system, training it to recognize and remember the pathogen so that it can respond rapidly and effectively if the individual is later exposed to the actual infectious agent.


Vaccination, also known as immunization, is the process of administering a vaccine to an individual to induce immunity against a particular disease. Vaccination involves the introduction of the vaccine into the body, triggering an immune response. This immune response results in the production of antibodies and the development of immunological memory, providing protection against future infections by the targeted pathogen. Vaccination is a key public health strategy that has been instrumental in reducing the incidence of various infectious diseases and preventing their spread within communities. It's often administered through injections, but some vaccines can be given orally or intranasally. Vaccination programs are essential factors of global efforts to promote public health and prevent the spread of vaccine- preventable diseases.

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