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Prenatal Health Screening and Diagnosis

Despite adding exploration into men's experience of gestation and motherhood, gests of men whose mate is witnessing fetal webbing and opinion have been less well- studied. This paper begins to fill a gap in the literature by relating several potentially clashing manly places in webbing, opinion and posterior decision- timber. Drawing on a wider qualitative study in the UK of gests of prenatal webbing, it's suggested men may playinter-linked places as parents, onlookers, defenders sympathizers, gatherers and guardians of fact, and deciders or enforcers. These may be places they've chosen, or which are assigned to them designedly or unintentionally by others (their womanish mate, health professionals). Men's status and passions as fathers are occasionally overlooked or suppressed, or may discord with their other places, particularly when screening detects possible problems with the baby. The paper concludes by agitating these findings in the environment of the wider literature on men and gestation.

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