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Hypertension and preclaamsia in pregnancy

Preeclampsia is one high blood pressure (hypertension) complaint that can do during gestation. Other diseases can be, too gravid hypertension is high blood pressure that begins after 20 weeks without problems in the feathers or other organs. Some women with gravid hypertension may develop preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia happens when a woman who preliminarily had normal blood pressure suddenly develops high blood pressure * and protein in her urine or other problems after 20 weeks of gestation. Women who have habitual hypertension can also get preeclampsia. Preeclampsia happens in about 1 in 25 gravidity in the United States.

• High blood pressure (Hypertension)

• Protein in your urine (Proteinuria)

• Swelling (Oedema)

• Nausea or Vomiting

• Abdominal (stomach area) and/or Shoulder Pain

• Lower Back Pain

• Sudden Weight Gain

• Changes in Vision

• Hyperreflexia

• Shortness of breath, anxiety

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