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Eminent Speaker

Karin EM Diderich

Clinical Geneticist

Erasmus MC



Karin Diderich has been working as a clinical geneticist in prenatal genetics at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam for the past 12 years. She is one of the leading members of the prenatal multidisciplinary team that works dedicated to patient care (counseling as well as diagnostics), education and clinical research related to the introduction of new techniques in prenatal diagnosis. The focus of the team is health care innovation and its proper implementation into routine counseling and diagnosis. Karin is passionate about providing excellent prenatal care for pregnant women carrying a fetus with ultrasound anomalies. She was the key colleague who boosted the new workflow for rapid exome sequencing reducing the time between the invasive procedure and report of the genetic results while reducing ad hoc work. In their research, the multidisciplinary team members focus on broad aspects of the introduction of new techniques in prenatal diagnosis including the selection of cases entitled to prenatal diagnosis, the diagnostic yield, incidental findings, uncertainty management, psychological aspects and the practical implementation. Knowledge obtained by this research allows efficient introduction of health care innovation to the patient clinic as well as to (medical) students education.

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