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Eminent Speaker

Ivan Tusek


Dental Clinic of Vojvodina


Professor Ivan Tušek born in 1960. in Novi Sad. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, Department of dentistry, he enrolled in postgraduate studies in the field of neurobiology and 1993. he defended his master's thesis entitled: "Regulation and function of glutamine oxidation in malignant cells" at the Medical faculty in Novi Sad. Specialized preventive and pediatric dentistry. He received his Ph.D. at the Faculty of dentistry at the University of Belgrade with thesis: "The influence of the social environment, and ethnicity on the incidence of tooth decay in early childhood". From 1990 -1998. Prof. Ivan Tušek worked at the Department of medical biochemistry in Novi Sad. Working relationship at the Dental Clinic of Vojvodina was devised 1999-th year. Currently an professor in the scientific field of dentistry and lecturer on subjects: Children dentistry, Preventive dentistry and Dental care in the community. He participated in international scientific projects: "Adaptation of enzyme systems and energy metabolism in neoplasia", "Molecular changes in the function of the progression of neoplastic processes" and "New speakers in Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Chalenges ISCH Cost Action", etc. As a member of international and national scientific meetings published and presented more than 90 papers.

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