International Conference on

Clinical Microbiology

March 20-21, 2023
Hotel Isola Sacra Rome Airport, Rome, Italy
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Jawad Alzeer

Senior Scientist

University of Zurich



Dr Jawad Alzeer completed his PhD in organic chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, where he developed a cellulose analogue by replacing the glycosidic bond with butadiyne units. After his doctorate, Alzeer worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Hoffmann La Roche, where he developed a new pharmacophore for an antimalarial drug. He then moved to the University of Michigan, where he was involved in the discovery of a new RT-HIV inhibitor. He then worked as a research associate at the University of Zurich (UZ), where he focused on targeted gene therapy and the design of G-quadruplex ligands for cancer therapy. Alzeer has since been appointed assistant professor at Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU). In 2014, he founded the Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries. Alzeer is currently the director of the Swiss Scientific Society for the Developing Countries and a senior researcher at UZ. His research focuses mainly on linking medicine and chemistry and developing new medical concepts (Halalopathy, permissible medicine) that have the potential to promote prevention and achieve complete recovery.

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