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Roberto Mugavero


European Center for Disaster Medicine

San Marino


Roberto Mugavero has expertise in environmental engineering and security studies, focusing on the integration of academic knowledge with practical applications in disaster resilience and risk management. As a Director and Professor at the Centre for Security Studies (CUFS) and the Second Level Master Degree in International Security Studies, he leads innovative research and education initiatives. His work in environmental risk management, as part of the Degree Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering, underscores his commitment to interdisciplinary approaches in addressing safety and security challenges. Serving as a Member of the Academic Senate at the University of the Republic of San Marino, Roberto influences academic policies and fosters collaborative research efforts. As President of the European Centre for Disaster Medicine, a specialized Centre of the Council of Europe, and the Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defense in Italy, he promotes initiatives to enhance disaster preparedness and response. His extensive experience as a chairman and speaker at national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars reflects his expertise in security, territorial risk, and CBRNe risk. Roberto Mugavero's comprehensive approach, blending research, education, and practical applications, creates new pathways for enhancing global security and resilience.

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