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Ilin A Savov


Trakia University



Ilin Alexandrov Savov is the Director of Scientific Institute of security and alimentary sustainability at Trakia University. He is full professor, doctor and doctor of science on the field of "National Security". In 2000, he began his professional career as an intelligence officer in the security services of the Republic of Bulgaria. In 2013 he defended his first doctorate degree at the Academy of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria. In 2021 he defended his second doctorate degree “Doctor of Science” at Military Academy of Republic of Bulgaria. From 2022 to 2024, he was a Commissioner, Deputy Rector of the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior. He trains and educate investigative police officers and operatives in crime prevention structures in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Greece and other countries. He conduct classes and lectures as full professor at Trakia University, Sofia University, Plovdiv University, New Bulgarian University, Academy of the Ministry of Interior and Military Academy in Republic of Bulgaria. Author of over 90 publications (10 monographic books) on the field of intelligence and defense of national security. Prof. dr. Ilin Savov is an established expert on national and international security issues, as well as operational-search and operational-technical activities for protection against international organized criminial groups. Delivers a number of reports at prestigious scientific forums in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. As a scientist, he conducts research on regulations legal issues in the area of management and functioning of the security services and the Ministry of the Interior, alimentary sustainability, cyber security, human trafficking, migration processes, the use and control of special intelligence tools and traffic data in the Republic of Bulgaria, the EU and the USA. He is a member of the Union of Scientists in the Republic of Bulgaria and the International Police Association (IPA).

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