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Eminent Speaker

Lozan Todorov

Assistant Professor

Medical University – Sofia



Dr Lozan Todorov currently serves as a Senior Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry
at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria. His PhD thesis, under the scientific
supervision of prof. Irena Kostova, deals with antioxidant properties of gallium and lanthanum
complexes with 5-aminoorotic acid. He has participated in and overseen a number of university-level
projects in close collaboration with Dr Hristova-Avakoumova at the Department of Medical Physics
and Biophysics at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University-Sofia. Dr Todorov’s research
experience includes a variety of antioxidant assays, involving a different reactive species, derived
from various model systems. His current research interests are associated with the promising field
of lanthanide coordination chemistry and its potential applications in biomedical sciences. To that
effect, together with prof. Kostova, Dr Hristova-Avakoumova and in collaboration with a
multinational research team, including prominent scientists from Spain, India and Italy, Dr Todorov
is participating in a new project “Biologically Active Heterocyclic Ligands and Metal Complexes with
Antioxidant Activity”, part of the Research Universities program, financed by the European Union,
the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and the Bulgarian National Sciences Fund. 

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