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Eminent Speaker

Felix Panis


University of Vienna, Austria


After successfully completing his master’s studiues in pharmacy in 2015, Felix Panis has started his PhD studies at the University of Vienna. During this time, he established a novel research area by straddling two previously separated field, namely the biochemical investigations of tyrosinase enzymes and investigations focused on carbon fluxes in wetland ecosystems. This multidisciplinary work, located at the intersection between biochemistry and soil sciences, became the central theme of his PhD studies and is currently beeing progressed during his postdoctarial research employment. In 2023, Felix Panis has been granted an ESPRIT-fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund for his excellent environmental research. The motivation for this interdisciplinary reseacrh approach stems from the firm beliefe of Felix Panis that, in the face of climate change, it is science that will decide the future course of the global climate crisis. Novel and innovative approaches, as they are currently beeing develepod by Felix Panis, will offer tools and possibilities to analyze, predict, and mitigate the effects of global climate change by developing and improving strategies for the protection and restauration of wetland ecosystems. 

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