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Amer Alghabban

Managing Director

GxP Compliance & Training Partners (GCTP) Ltd



Amer Alghabban is a clinical pharmacologist by education and senior executive with 32 years’ experience within pre-, clinical R&D and pharmacovigilance supporting biotech, pharma companies & universities worldwide to achieve compliance with GxPs (GLP, GCP, GCLP, GVP and GDP QA).
Amer enjoys imparting experiences through training provision: for over 25 years, been delivering training, an invited speaker at over 155 congresses & universities, author of 2 reference books, The Pharmaceutical Medicine Dictionary and The Dictionary of Pharmacovigilance and published in leading journals. 
In 2013, Amer founded the GxP Compliance & Training Partners (GCTP) consultancy. Previous positions: VP GxP QA, Compliance & Training at Karyopharm Therapeutics-USA, Head of QA Auditing at Merck Serono-Switzerland, Global Head of GxP QA at Arpida-Switzerland, Senior International Clinical QA Audit Manager Novartis-Switzerland, and Pharmacovigilance Compliance Officer of the MHRA. Earlier in his career, he was Assistant Editor for 11 medical journals and the first Course Director for The Pharmacovigilance Auditing Course at the RQA. 

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