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Eminent Speaker

Takaki Shimura

Chairman of Dementia Group

Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering



Since 2009, Takaki Shimura founded Biomedical Research Lab. and daycare service houses to apply his inventions to the elderly with dementia in Sosei Ltd..  Since 2000, he worked at Tokai University as a Professor, researching mainly BME on dementia.  From 1965 to 2000, he worked in R&D field of Fujitsu Ltd. and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., developing Ultrasound imaging, X-ray imaging by flat panel detector, Remote health care system by TV etc. (2000-1979) and Fault location diagnosis method on digital circuit, Shinkansen passenger automatic guidance system and Laser printer (1979-1965).  He graduated Tokai University majoring Atomic Industry in 1965.  
He got PhD degree from Tokyo University in 1995 and Engineering fellow of the Japan Society of Ultrasound in Medicine in 2005. He is an honor director of Japan Society for Early Stage of Dementia and the chairman of BME on Dementia Group of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. 


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