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Biomaterials and Biodevices

September 25-26, 2023
Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention, Paris, France
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Xiaohua Teng


Northeast Agricultural University



Xiaohua Teng, female, born in March 1963, PH. D, professor, doctoral supervisor, works in College of Animal Science and Technology, Northeast Agricultural University (Harbin, China). Her main research interest is Environmental Stress and Health on Animals (including fish and poultry). She once served as the team leader of “Livestock and Poultry Environment Discipline” in Northeast Agricultural University and the discipline leader a key discipline of Heilongjiang Province (China) on “Animal Husbandry System Management”. At present, she is one of "Outstanding scholars" in Northeast Agricultural University. She is also an expert in project evaluation of the National Nature Fund (China), as well as an expert in the evaluation of doctoral and master's thesis, and as excellent doctoral graduation thesis of the degree center of the Ministry of Education (China). In addition, she serves as a vice president of “Livestock Ecology of China” (One branch of “Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine” (China), an expert of “the International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare of China Association, and an executive director of Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society, Member of Heilongjiang Agricultural Rural Reform and Development Soft Science Research Committee, an evaluation expert of Heilongjiang Educational Science Planning, and an expert of Heilongjiang Educational Science Planning Office in the 12th Five Year Plan and the 13th Five Year Plan. She was a chairman and member of conference academic committee, host of branch venue, keynote speaker, and invited speaker at many academic conferences. She presided over, guided, and participated in 28 projects of NSFC and other scientific research topics and won 10 scientific research awards. She serves as an editor for Metabolites (SCI, 3-zone of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS, China), IF = 5.581) and a leading Guest Editor for Special Issue of Metabolites on "The Role of Signaling Pathways in Animal Cell Metabolism" and on “Environmental Pollution and Animal Health: Toxicity and Metabolism”, as well for Special Issue of Microorganisms (SCI, 3-zone of CAS, IF = 4.926) on "The role of Heat Shock Proteins in Diseases and Their Therapeutic Potential: Enviromental stress and Microorganisms”, a member of review committee of Animals (SCI, 3-zone of CAS, IF = 3.231). She reviewed manuscripts for 71 SCI journals, including four 1-zone of CAS, seventeen 2-zone of CAS, thirty-five 3-zone of CAS, and fifteen 4-zone of CAS.

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